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St. Lucia "Irish" Gel
St. Lucia "Irish" Gel
Essential Vibez Collection

St. Lucia "Irish" Gel

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16oz of Our Superfood Gel is Organically Created w/ Raw Wildcrafted Sea Moss Grown Naturally in the Oceans of St. Lucia.

Sea Moss is Known for Containing 92 of 102 Minerals Needed in the Human Body. The Perfect Daily Vitamin!

Benefits of Sea Moss Gel 

  • Healthy Weight Management 
  • Promotion of Healthy Skin & Hair
  • Decrease Mucus in Body
  • Support Respiratory & Digestive System
  • Natural Boost of Energy & Metabolism
  • Increase Sex Drive
  • Increase Male Sperm Count
  • Decrease Inflammation of Bones & Joints

Take by Tablespoons
Infuse in Smoothies/Drinks/Teas & Food Dishes
Use as a Mask for Face & Hair