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"One Stop Spiritual & Holistic Shop"
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White Sage + 7 Chakra Roses | Smudge Stick
Essential Vibez Collection

White Sage + 7 Chakra Roses | Smudge Stick

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Alignment | 7 Chakras | Cleanse 

 Smudging is an Ancient Spiritual Ritual for Banishing Negative Energy & Improving An Overall Mood. The Indigenous People Believed the Smoke From Burning Herbs Can Purify Environments | Objects & Individuals Energetic Field. 

White Sage + 7 Chakra Rose Spiritual Properties

  • Clear Away Stagnation 
  • Balance Chakra System 
  • Elevate Spiritual Vibrations 
  • Promote Love. Healing. Protection & Abundance for Spiritual Hygiene 

This Product is Curios. IT IS NOT Intended to Replace Medical Treatment, Diagnose, or Treat/Prevent Any Type of Disease or Illness. NO REFUNDS.